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EKSUJOE aims at promoting the theory and practice of Education by publishing critical resounding research findings in various fields of Education developments across the Globe. the areas of focus include:
- Language education
- Early childhood education
- Educational management
- Health education
- Adult education
- Science education
- Special education
- Curriculum studies
- Philosophy of education
- Physical education
- Psychology of education
- Psychology of education
- Technical of education
- Technical and vocational education
- Sociology of education
- Test and measurement
- Guidance and counselling
- Business and entrepreneurship education
- Social studies and civil education
- ICT in education
- Moral and religious education
- Comparative education and any other related fields in humanities and social sciences.

Ekiti state University Journal of Education publishes numerous academic journals that contain the latest scientific research findngs in their respective fields.


The Ekiti State University Journal of Education is published by the Faculty of Education, Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State Nigeria.


The Journal is devoted to the dissemination of research findings and exchange of knowledge and information on all aspects of educational studies including Information Communication Technology (ICT). The policy is to publish at least one issue a year.


Neither the Faculty nor the University necessarily shares the views expressed in the Journal.

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